Rotary Club of LBA at Calamba Tent

By Jessica Mae Mendoza

A night covered with elegance and sophistication, Calamba Tent became the place where people from different sides of the country meets and connects. Calamba Tent was designed based on the celebration’s 50 Shades of Grey concept.

Photo by Online Crib

Calamba Tent was full of guests with their gorgeous attire that they’ve prepared together with their creative masks that became the highlight of the 2nd Induction and Masquerade Ball. With its theme: “Greater Service, Greater Value. Greater Success, Greater Blessings.”, each Rotarian delegates who are present on the event are very much excited that day as Ms. Jean Nipas Lopo, the newest Champion President of the Rotary Club of Laguna Bel Air took the stage. She never failed to surprise the guests with her entrance before she finally took the oath. Furthermore, a recognized multi-awarded woman and a book creator named CP Maria Rosa Carrion grace the stage as she shared her knowledge on how to become responsible in improving humanity.

Photo by Online Crib

Moving on with the program, the newly member of the club was presented followed by the joyful presentation of honorary members. Finally, the night ended with a big smile on the faces of the guests, especially the newly acknowledge Champion President Ms. Jean Nipas Lopo as she earned the success and will continue to take part in engaging in human service with goodness and kindness.

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